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Nautix DP Primer Thinners
Hot Pre-Order
Brand: Nautix
Nautix DP thinner/cleaner is suitable for all Nautix 1 component primers and 2-pack finishing paint. This product is particularly recommended to make ..
Ex Tax:£12.33
Epifanes Accelerator
Brand: Epifanes
A resin based additive for use in traditional one-component, half-synthetic paints and varnishes to speed up the curing process. For interior use, e.g..
Ex Tax:£21.71
West System Glass Fibre Boat Repair Kit
New 2-3 Days
Brand: West System
 The 105-K Glass Fibre Boat Repair Kit contains:250g 105 Epoxy Resin®50g 205 Fast Hardener®402 Milled Glass Fibre Blend 409 Microsphere B..
Ex Tax:£26.04
Epifanes PP Fast Dry Thinner
Brand: Epifanes
Fast evaporating thinner for Epifanes PP Varnish Extra. Also suited for degreasing teak wood. Datasheet..
Ex Tax:£27.04
Nitrile Gloves
Brand: Paint&Resin
Black nitrile gloves are ideal for all uses, solvent resistant and latex free these gloves are perfect for using with most paints and resins.Chemi..
Ex Tax:£1.42
Spabond 345 Adhesive
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Gurit
Spabond 345 is a toughened, high performance adhesive system ideal for bonding large structures where substrate surfaces have uneven geometry. The pro..
Ex Tax:£43.63
Gurit Ampreg 30 Laminating Resin
Hot Pre-Order
Brand: Gurit
Ampreg 30 has been optimised for the manufacture of large composite structures using hand layup and vacuum bagging techniques whilst offering improved..
Ex Tax:£32.58
Brand: Gurit
AMPRO is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy which can be used for gluing, coating, laminating and filling. With its fast, low temperature curing harde..
Ex Tax:£31.63


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