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12 Jun What is a Multipurpose Epoxy
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Welcome to Gurit’s latest generation, award winning multi-purpose epoxy range, AMPRO™. A simple to use all-purpose epoxy ideally suited for bonding, coating, laminating and filling. The epoxy is perfect for the repair and refit of wooden structures a..
19 May Name your Name
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Something new doesn't come along everyday, we are happy to announce we will shortly be able to supply vinyl cut names and graphics to complement the products we supply.Just need a boat name, tender or SSR number , no problem we can supply these all c..
03 Feb How to apply Propspeed
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Propspeed application overview The process to apply Propspeed isn’t difficult, but must be strictly adhered to. We recommend using a Propspeed approved applicator, or experienced marine painter. Propspeed is available in a 200ml kit– which will coa..
10 Jan Introducing Gurit Ampro Multipurpose Resin
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AMPRO™ is an award winning, latest generation multi-purpose epoxy system from Gurit. It is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy which can be used for bonding, coating, laminating and filling. AMPRO™ provides a quick and convenient way of using one epox..
02 Jan DIY Paint System and Refinishing - Fibreglass and GRP....
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 are many different opinions on what and how to use the variations of paint and primers available. Here is a standard paint system that will guide and advise the user on the type of paint to use depending on substrate and condition. New fibreglass ha..
02 Jan Choosing your filler....
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Most craft of whatever size or construction material have required filling and fairing compounds at some time either in their life or in their development and design. Production grp hulls which emerge from their moulds with a smooth gel coat finish o..
12 Nov What Varnish?
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Wood provides a natural beauty. A well applied varnish or oil system will enhance this natural beauty and also protect the wood against atmospheric conditions.   Wood and wood constructions are flexible by nature. If the wood contains more moisture,..
07 Nov Using Epoxies in Cold Conditions
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This guide is intended for all users of epoxy products and is designed to widen the temperature range under which the products can be used.  The type of epoxies most influenced by temperature levels in the workshop are the solvent-free epoxies which ..
06 Nov The beginning of something good...
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It is a difficult task giving precise instructions on the execution of new paint and/or varnish work and the maintenance of existing paint and/or varnish work. Many new and different materials are being used in the construction of new vessels and in ..
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