AMPRO™ is an award winning, latest generation multi-purpose epoxy system from Gurit. It is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy which can be used for bonding, coating, laminating and filling.

AMPRO™ provides a quick and convenient way of using one epoxy system for a wide range of tasks.
Key features include:

  • Professional: boat-builder’s choice for bonding, laminating and filling
  • Safer: uses lower toxicity chemicals with low hazards
  • Stronger: more flexible resin matrix ideal for working with wood
  • Tack-free: no surface residue when cured and does not clog sandpaper
  • Water-proof: AMPRO™ SILICA has been optimised to withstand the marine environment
  • Wide over-coating window: up to 4 days later without additional surface preparation
  • Faster: improved cure at temperatures as low as+5°C
  • Glossier: improved coating performance with reduced surface defects
  • Cardboard outer packaging: less single use plastics
  • Greener: accredited, bio-based option using a high content of plant based chemicals
  • Simplified: Four unique systems with inter-changeable hardeners and the same 3:1 mix ratio

Health and Safety Focus

AMPRO™ has been developed using the same approach as for the award winning Ampreg™ 3X Series, prioritising user health and safety through careful selection of base chemicals. The new low toxicity resin matrix is CMR & SVHC** free.


Gurit carefully selects chemicals used in our formulations to ensure the lowest possible risk of future reclassification - securing the safety of our products and health and safety of end users. This approach is part of Gurit’s philosophy. As a responsible and sustainable supplier we aim to support, protect and forewarn our customers of potential changes.

Making Epoxies Easier to Use

  • Gurit AMPRO™ has been developed with the end user in mind, trying to remove some of the perceived barriers:
  • Simple, easy to follow, how-to videos available on for mixing, laminating, filling, bonding and coating with AMPRO™. Scan the QR code for link.
  • Combining products into a single, multi-use system allowing the user to bond, fill, laminate & coat easily
  • Introducing recyclable outer packaging with easy to understand labels and selector guides

One System, Many Uses…

AMPRO™ consists of inter-changeable resins, blend-able hardeners and additives for many uses. The following table provides a step by step guide to choosing the right AMPRO™ system.


Select the right system...AMPRO™AMPRO™ CLRAMPRO™ BIOAMPRO™ SEAL
Low temperature curing
Clear coating
Grain enhancing wood coating
Bio-based content<10%40-60%40-60%
Sealing & priming porous surfaces
Filling, Fairing or Bonding

Select the hardener speed...FastSlowExtra Slow
Working time with a brush at 20oC1-2 hours4-5 hours5-6 hours
50g pot-life in air at 20oC½ hour1 hour1 ½ hours

Select the additives...
Micro BalloonsGlass BubblesMicro FibresAMPRO™ Silica
Filling & Fairing MixesEasy to sand, filling and filleting for cosmetic wood applications
Water-proof or lowest-cost filler for general applications
Hard surface finish filler for hard wearing edges and surfaces
Bonding MixesGeneral bonding of softwood, brown in colour
General bonding of softwood, white in colour
Structural bonding of wood or composite, opaque in colour