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Durepox 62 C Accelerator
Brand: Durepox
Durepox accelerator, to be used with primer and clear.A unique highly pigmented free sanding 2-pack epoxy urethane primer formulated for the Automotive Refinish, Marine, Industrial and Aircraft industries. One of the great features of this two-pack product is its remarkable flexibility and adhesion ..
Ex Tax:£28.75
Epifanes Accelerator
Brand: Epifanes
A resin based additive for use in traditional one-component, half-synthetic paints and varnishes to speed up the curing process. For interior use, e.g., on chairs, tables, etc., this product can be added up to 50% to Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish for a harder, more scratch-resistant finish. Do not us..
Ex Tax:£21.71
Epifanes Easy Flow
Brand: Epifanes
A multi-purpose additive or stand alone coating based on a selection of natural oils. Suitable for use in one-component conventional and half-synthetic varnishes, paints and primers to optimise impregnation/saturation and preservation of the surface. Flow enhancer under cold or hot working condition..
Ex Tax:£13.50
Epifanes Mahogany Stain
Brand: Epifanes
Epifanes Classic Mahogany Stain is a quick drying, impregnating stain formulated specifically for bare mahogany and other marine woods. This stain provides a warm, rich red/brown mahogany colour. Depending on desired degree of intensity, a maximum of 3 coats may be applied on bare wood. Recoatable w..
Ex Tax:£14.08
Epifanes Through Drying Additive
Brand: Epifanes
Epifanes Through Drying Additive A specially formulated to speed up the through drying of Epifanes traditional one-component paints and varnishes when applied at low temperatures, allowing sanding the next day. Datasheet..
Ex Tax:£37.79
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