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3M 218 Fine Line Tape
2-3 Days
Brand: 3M
Create long straight lines and sweeping curves where a crisp, sharp paint line is desired.Use as a layout tape for high value multi-colour and custom painted graphics. Get excellent colour line separation due to its thinness. Backing allows taping over fresh paint sooner than paper tapes with less c..
Ex Tax:£10.09
3M 3434 Finishing Masking Tape
2-3 Days
Brand: 3M
Maximum solvent and water resistance High temperature (110C) resistance Good conformability Excellent edge tear Excellent sliver resistanceUse Scotch® High Performance Masking Tape 3434 for a wide variety of applications in auto refinishing. Use in environments up to 110°C and in conditions ..
Ex Tax:£2.71
3M Scotch Washi 2899 60 Day Tape
2-3 Days
Brand: 3M
3M Scotch Washi Tape 2899 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.It will cleanly remove from most surfaces up to 60 days after the initial application. It will withstand high temperatures and is UV resistant. KEY FEATURES:UV Stable Clean Removal High Temperature Sharp Paint line..
Ex Tax:£4.58
Brand: TESA
Tesa® 4435 UV Paper Tape is applicable with all kind of paints. The combination of the conformable backing material and the special adhesive formulation allows easy residue free removability up to 2 weeks after outdoor application. This enables multiple working processes in only one covering process..
Ex Tax:£3.13
Tesa General Purpose Masking Tape
Hot Pre-Order
Brand: TESA
Tesa 4323 is a finely creped paper masking tape with a natural rubber adhesive. The product is suitable for general purpose applications: masking, holding, sealing, fixing, light duty packaging etc...
Ex Tax:£0.96
Brand: TESA
The TESA® Precision Mask® 4334 reliably guarantees razor-sharp paint edges, and is extremely easy to use at the same time - thanks to the ideal combination of the special, supple backing and the perfectly balanced acrylic adhesive compound. This helps the tape to stick extremely flush to the surface..
Ex Tax:£4.71
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