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Clear Casting Epoxy
Brand: Sicomin
Epoxy system designed for the production by casting decorative objects, bottles prototypes, jewellery... Very low reactivity allows high thickness without change of colour cast. Obtaining a polymer with high clarity, good brightness and colourless. Cures at room temperature, if necessary ..
Ex Tax:£38.17
Foaming Epoxy
Brand: Sicomin
The resin PB 170 with the hardener DM03 gives a foam with around 170kg/m3 in free expansion. This system is white although it can be tinted with compatible pigments. The hardener influences both the hardening speed and the casting thickness The mix evolves in two stages:Rapid expansion of the ..
Ex Tax:£28.67
SR5550 Laminating Resin
Brand: Sicomin
Epoxy system for boat building: bonding, lamination and wood coating. Adjustable working time. Light colouring, fluid.Polymerised at room temperature, non-stick surface, shiny. Stick to all woods. Easy to sand. Excellent resistance in marine environment, immersion. Phenol or amine toxic free..
Ex Tax:£26.63
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